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When you are in Sri Lanka, you just travel to Galle! Galle is a major tourist attraction city which is on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. And around 130km from Colombo. Built by the Dutch in early 1663, the main attraction is the Galle Fort. The Fort is surrounded by the Indian Ocean by three sides. This historic city is a UNESCO World Heritage site, which sprung with old Dutch-colonial buildings, ancient mosques, churches, and mansions.

Before Colombo being shifted as the Capital the City of Galle had been the British administrative center for over 4 centuries. The walk around the Dutch Fort and the walk on the walls is extremely pleasant. This should take you about two hours, and if you follow the walls clockwise you will eventually come to the Old Gate flanked by two lions and topped by a cockerel, which dates back to 1669. It now houses the National Maritime Museum. The Dutch Period Museum is also beautifully restored and exhibits the clothes, furniture, jewelry and even the cooking utensils of the Dutch colonial era.

No visit is complete in Sri Lanka without seeing this wonderful city which has perfect ingredients of beach and culture, so that’s what we said in the beginning “travel to Galle”. There are numerous activities which a tourist could do when they visit Galle. The location is quite calm and easy-going. It is famous for exquisite hand-made lace, and gems. Sailing, deep-sea fishing and yachting are very popular here.

Ayurveda Hotels & Resorts in Galle

Galle is a gem. It is blessed which wonderful natural scenic beauty with ancient architecture. Wondering in the streets on Galle would be quite interesting where you could find ancient Dutch buildings. When you travel to Galle, you would come across impeccable hotels and resorts, among them, there are several Ayurveda Hotels and Resorts. There are many Ayurveda hotels in Sri Lanka, but the well-known ones are located here. These resorts offer authentic Ayurveda treatments and medication with the highest standards. Galle would be among the first picks for tourists when they plan their holiday.

Since it has a long stretch of golden beaches with the waves from the Indian Ocean enveloping the seashore, you would find an array of hotels and resorts. Relaxing at the beachside of Galle and getting pampered with Ayurveda massages would be lovely, making you feel that all your stress and pain being evaporated. You will refresh and re-energize your mind, body and soul. The city has a lot to offer its tourist.

Best Ayurveda Hotels and Resorts in Galle:

  • Lady Hill Hotel
  • Jetwing Lighthouse
  • The Fortress Resort & Spa
  • Shanti Lanka Ayurveda
  • Ayurveda Paragon Hotel
  • Amangalla
  • Secret Garden Villa Unawatuna
  • Tisara Villa

Things to do in Galle

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